Friday, October 3, 2008

Americanism- and local Talent- we just need to try- and promote what is moral and true, and good!

(Media Study South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Is anyone surprised that so many of our programs and films, and books are imported?

Or our clothes for that matter- freshly printed from possible foreign child labour- in such a way that we are forced to buy these horrid human rights abuse products- simply because almost all the manufacturers use such, and because the shops almost all buy from these.

Is there such a lack for instance, of animated talent in cartoon production in South Africa, or in the natural talent to act or write?

- honestly- I think the real issue is a lack of infrastructure- why don't we promote talent to write stories, for others to animate, or act out? Why doesn't the industry, or us ourselves- take risks, like any aspiring culture?

Now imports are wonderful things- but what is good of imports generally comes from the better traits of men- whereby we should not import culture from the West, but from God.

We love to promote promiscuity, or abortion (seems like article 2 section d of the genocide (UN General Assembly Voted definition) to me, but then again I am Catholic), or so many things through our media- simply because these channels are open- or because all or most of our media it seems by the results, needs an imprimatur- not from bishops or governments- but to ensure it is "liberal enough", either to do only basic good, or else even to damage us. Yes it is metaphoric, but I am sad to see what is allowed, and what is stifled before it is born.

Yes, perhaps there are conservative people in media in South Africa- but since when did we need to resonate what America does with creating structure? Media used to be, like science- almost the sole domain of conservatism- of Religion.

I hear more on our news about a school shooting, than about genocide against Christians in India, and Iraq. It is odd, is not that we so often also import our views, and media..?

Granted- South African views aren't too superior- they are generally just South African- but what if we were serious about trying to rise above culture, and differences- what if we went to our universal root values- and promoted that- in an honest way- rather than being told how to think?

If there were South African Catholic media efforts, I know there are some which i am pleased by, I would want to support them- if they, like a few we already have- were, and are quality that is. Many of us would love to link to stories on U-tube, or to fiction or fact.

My personal efforts are for re-permiating our cultures in Christian world-view, and in Christ- which is why the news, and views we support are so utterly vital.

So often- when Christianity is marginalized, or becomes about every spectrum of view- we ignore every atrocity- or vote with our ancestors, and into what seems best for us alone. This is not truly of benefit to us.

I sit and write with my spare time- and not so spare time- in order to create a sort of quiet revolution- from insanity- where we somtimes now are, and often were so forcefully made to act as what we truly understand within that we aren't and shown and encouraged in the wrong or weak solutions to world and local problems- into a culture filled with life, where we have true freedom- to be what we truly are below all the twisting of desires from good into something not quite ours, beyond our false hopes.

We have hope in our sacraments- our signs and pledges- our mysteries, which are more than they are- and truly- happiness is in this below every other thing.

I invite others to join me- start to expect more- from others- and simply tell the truth about reality- and be open to debate on this. If you are Catholic and South African- help mold our culture through the media- which has so far been used so often against our views. Secularism is a tool, crafted for industry, not an end- it should not be a diversion to what is right. Let us not let a treaty between good people be abused by nothingness, nor let our "popular conscience" guide us against what our society- deep below- truly longs for, below all this complacent, sometimes fearful compliance, and these other false influences.

We have been lied to that immorality is saner- we have had many casualties- but know- whenever you enjoy a bad program, or anything evil- this enjoyment isn't yours- your true desires have been foulded, and put under false measures- so as to make you think you desire this fake hope. It is the broken slithers of truth behind this evil- so distorted by falsehood- you truly do desire, above this inferior substitution!

Feel that truth below- perhaps resonate this message of mine- do not be constrained by your culture or your media- rather realize. The limit of what is natural is what is moral, what is just.

With our media- let's promote exiting justice- and true representations of the world. Eventually we all should sicken at the banal sins constantly repeated to manipulate us on television. Let us move beyond the banal and pathetic, and manipulative- let us evolve back into art, and amazement.

Do not take bad workmanship- demand higher standards- I certainly try to. If we don't start demanding a turn around now- with our wallets, and our feet, and our voices- where will our children's children be? Our ancestors, whatever slander has been spread about them- at least weren't at risk of destroying the planet as we are. Further- they waited until marriage- because they had the strength to, and did justice and showed true stories- because they were able to.

yes, many of the past's people were evil, as bad as any today- but let us invoke the spirit of those who were good- let us now refuse the revolution towards what is fake- and start again to show who we are in our work, and in our lives.

Surely- let us promote, not local talent, but moral talent- and in this, let us import this from excellency- something we are as capable of excellent skillfulness as any other people- if we ourselves begin the transformation!

Let us begin with ourselves- by manifesting truth- let us begin by challenging what is neither sane nor moral in our land and all lands.

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