Thursday, November 27, 2008

Reviewing media: The South African: Star, and The South African News 24, 702, and others

(Media Study South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

In media in South Africa, the "Sunday Times", and daily "Times", like 94.7 and Five FM, are inadvisable sources of News. "The Star" and "News 24", however seem accurate, objective and reliable. Other sources of relative accuracy, include Radio 702 Eyewitness news, and "Classic FM", although Classic FM does not always carry perspective one may enjoy, when covering religion, they seem respectful, as far as we have looked into it. Our reasons for not relying on the sites we say are inadvisable are found in evidence in previous articles, either here or on sites connected with us.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"Southern Cross" Placed on international Catholic Rating's service' danger list!

(Media Study South Africa)

Article By Marc Aupiais

05:19PM Today: Screen shot secured at off-site area.

Catholic Culture: Trinity Communications, has listed South African weekly, widely sold in parishes: the "Southern Cross" on a list of danger sites, after reviewing their website.

We ourselves had noticed problems and removed the Southern Cross from our links prior this. Catholic Culture has never before reviewed the site:

The review is listed:

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Vatican said what?: What the Vatican did not say about the beetles recently

(Media Study South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

It was quite revolting, having Five FM, a government station insult Catholicism as they did: they said that the Vatican was hypocritical, just as Atheists ("Secular society") invited onto 94.7 Highvelt Stereo had said when the "New 7 deadly sins" were "introduced". Both media houses not only disappoint, not only had let the Catholic faith be criticized on air, but also: were providing inaccurate views and news, unless I missed something.

No "new" "seven deadly sins" have ever been introduced, and the Vatican did not apologize to the Beetles, for claims by a member of the band: that they were more popular than Jesus.

It seems, much of the media in more secular countries, actually simply are shooting blindly into the darkness when dealing with Religion, at least the BBC has advisors competent on religious matters, as with any professional media house: which helps stop inaccurate out of context views.

 I had been shocked when ETV, via E News Channel, had gotten a femanist, non-Anglican theologian to cover the Anglican split threats, via their interview of her. She called the Traditionalist Anglicans, who appose gay and women "priests", an old boys club: perhaps Jesus' old boys: considering the direct command of the bible on the matter, simply put: news and media in South Africa, with exceptions such as News 24, and some print media: in general not only get their facts wrong on religious issues, show extreme bias in the matter, but further: insult people for what they have not done: in fact, it can simply be called unconstitutional.

ETV, who also are known for late night Porn, have also done similar things in Sydney World Youth Day, showing protests, but not the size of those who apposed the few protesters, who they somehow found somewhere. On the Anglican issue; the Anglican church has now destroyed their chances of reuniting even with the Orthodox churches, 75% of Christianity was alienated from them in one swoop, it was no old boys club which wanted to prevent the further separation of Christians based on ideological ideals foreign to the majority of Christian faith.

Both of the more recent stories, by Radio stations, are misinformation. Both have the same source, which they misquote, a newspaper based in the Country called the Vatican :"L'Osservatore Romano".

The Newspaper, for the "7 new deadly sins" was misquoted: in an interview, where they asked a cardinal what the 7 worst sins of today's world are. The same non-Papal newspaper, was quoted in an editorial, not by the pope, or Vatican: as saying that while it was condemned at the time: the Beetle's music really was what some would call "that good", and it was the boastings of an immature boy that were condemned. Simply put, the church has made no retractions on any "statement" about the Beetles.

Wow, two more Radio stations onto my: do not trust for any information on religion list. A radio station I advise for news: is Classic FM, I have never been too disappointed with their accuracy. Jacaranda 94.2, is also okay, even if it plays Afrikaans songs, and old music every now and again, though the scientologists may not like them very much, we aren't scientologists, but Catholics, and Christians, so I thought only to mention this. As for adequacy in reporting on US politics, there are very little if any, including the Southern Cross, who also are not able to do this adequately: who could possibly give an accurate view of American politics, of those based in South Africa: such things are left to Reuters, or the BBC, or Euronews, even with some bias in BBC, and Euronews, and others: still: almost no South African source gives what we consider an accurate "get the dirt" picture of US politics.

With the exception of the "Times" and "Sunday Times", who have quite the anti-catholic bias in some articles; on normal issues, many local newspapers, are naive at worst, it seems, but we have not reviewed them all. Another paper which may give wrong information from the Vatican is the Southern Cross, their quotation on Latin mass ideas some time ago: did not give all the needed details, and for the Latin mass, had a photo of a schismatic group's church next to it... the church does not permit attendance of these masses by SSPV, who they showed. Another incorrect fact by the "Southern Cross", was on the new psychological screening of priests, which they said aimed at getting rid of gay priests: i.e. sexually active priests, or priest who cannot control their urges. I myself have other sources on the screening, both secular and Catholic, and the "Southern Cross" was incorrect in their view of "discrimination".

And so to clarify: the seven deadly, or capital sins are : lust, envy, anger/wrath, gluttony, sloth/acaidia, pride, greed: the meanings being theological of course.

And secondly, the beetles, have not been apologized to for anything: if you say something irresponsible, and someone brings it up, why should they apologize.

Thirdly, the news and media needs to get advisors on Catholicism, who are knowledgeable in Canon law, and internal politics, like the BBC and others have: as it is dangerous to quote independent Catholic news as the Vatican, and worse to call Catholics hypocritical for following rules and regulations long set out, based on centuries, on millenia of running an organization.

Fourth: new regulations on priests are aimed at sex offenders, not men who feel attraction to other men, and suffer from the evolutionary disorder, we call homosexuality (not insinuating it is genetic, only that it is not a fittest survive condition;)!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Media and a non-democratic religion... give it some thought- we are not the same as our secular counterparts!

(Journey in a Broken World; Catholic Watchdog South Africa; Media Study South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Our non-related Sister in Catholic journalism in South Africa- South Africa's Catholic Weekly, whom we sometime agree with, and sometimes really disagree with- the Southern Cross has two interesting editorials this week. Those who know me usually know that the word interesting often is a slur with me, and today I am somewhat disappointed in what we can expect to read this Sunday, when we buy the paper from our local churches.

I read two editorials, both of which are critical of the Vatican- one almost begging for women priests, and rebuking the Vatican for no taking action against "pedophile" priests, the other attacking the introduction of psychological testing in seminaries, saying it discourages homosexuals from the priesthood- because the guidelines aim at ensuring well fit priests for the job. Sadly, neither article is in line with what Catholic Culture would define as high fidelity. The same newspaper which attacked the view of the church on condoms, and I may add that the church has a much better scientific argument than the pro-condom advocates, is now attacking two policies in one week. The fact remains that it is an Excathedra statement of Pope John Paul the Second- which declares that the church has now not, nor ever will have any right to create "women priests", like divorce- a woman priest is something the church cannot ordain. The issue is closed.

So is it wrong to excommunicate those who support women priests- no, if they are in heresy, it is only fair to do so. The Southern Cross then says that the church should get rid of the sexual offenders, and stop mistreating the supporters of women priests, but is this mistreatment?

Canon law clearly excommunicates automatically all who ordain or are ordained as women priests. Canon law has a different penalty for sexual abuses. In other words, for the one, the people already are kicked out of the church- and this means the church believes they will very likely end their life with the devil in hades if they do not get re-infused into the church by correct ceremony. A priest who absolves his sexual partner of their sexual sin is also automatically excommunicated, except in danger of death.

An active homosexual lifestyle, is not only proven to shorten the lifespan, and contribute to levels of sexual disease, but also is directly condemned in the New and Old testaments, and in every statement on the matter by the church, from the earliest times, to Vatican II, to today!

As for homosexuality and the priesthood, the Southern Cross misinterprets the same document we ourselves have reported on. Its purpose is not to root out homosexuals, but to root out sexual predators, and those who cannot control their urges. Unless the Southern Cross wants to appose the papacy and Vatican II's authority, they must agree that the church should have no interest whatsoever in appointing men to the priesthood who will break with celibacy, yet already they seem in danger of Canon 1373, and 1371, of creating animosity against the papacy, or bishops over an act of ecclesiastical authority.

So, how does the Catholic media keep their superiors accountable, and the answer is- we don't.

In a democracy- freedom of speech is a vital sector of society, in an autocracy, it has a different purpose. The Catholic media is not a watchdog waiting to pounce on the church and call for resignations. We are called to respect authority above us. I certainly appose the South African Bishop who went around promoting condoms, even in other countries, and i have a right to, so what do I mean we are not a watchdog?

I mean- we are not telling people how to vote in the next bishop or pope, we don't vote for these, we just obey them or walk! The system is not a democracy, and so the subjects need a different sort of information.

If a bishop teaches heresy, they must be named and shamed- in such a way as to encourage repentance, counter their harm, and inform their superiors. If a bishop says something that is valid, you should not try to create animosity to them, as though this institutes change.

The role of our secular brothers- is to safeguard their democracies, the role of the Catholic media is to safeguard the pillar and foundation of our truth- our autocracy.

Where a bishops apposes a valid act of the papacy, by all means- we must appose this bishop, and not give him good press, but if we disagree with the bishop or papacy on a valid point- we have no right to publicly whip them in the press.

The sin of detraction, and the law of the church cautions one validly about media circuses and also that we are not to interfere via force in valid ecclesiastical choices and decisions. We may appose some of them- but have no right to appose dogmas such as the celibate male priesthood- the "enuchs made so by God" (Jesus of Nazareth).

It is not the media who runs the church, but the validly ordained bishops- we may advise- but in an autocracy- in general- it is best to give people the information to best cope with what superiors have said. If we are trying to move public opinion to gain our goal, against the wishes of the Vatican- then we do not want an autocracy, but a democracy. Democratic religion is so strongly condemned by the early Christians, and the bible, that we shall not mention it. Simply, a democratic religion changes truth.

I am disappointed in what the Southern Cross will distribute in our parishes this Sunday, as it is, we already have such troubles in Southern Africa, our country and church. Driving a larger wedge between the Magisterium and the laity will not help the situation, and yet our media seems so certain of their solution to the problem, that they seem almost oblivious to the idea that the Vatican has already investigated it. Condoms have a proven success rate in increasing aids, or so I am lead to believe by statistics- whereby Uganda is conquering the disease via abstinence, and in South Africa we simply get more of the disease through our condom happy campaigns.

History has shown time and again- Orthodoxy is potent- it spreads the faith and hurts persecution. If we are to solve the actual crisis in the modern church- I might suggest covering up our bishops actual gaps- by education the Catholic populace in Orthodoxy, as EWTN does on Radio Veritas, as our bishops would need to appreciate, as we are obeying their position by this. Let us be true Watchdogs- knowing that Watchdogs are loyal to their owners, and eat biscuits, and nice bowls of doggy food. Let us mimic our pope in Catholic media, let us be "God's Rottweilers"- watching not on our cultural desires, but keeping an eye on the dignity of the human person- and never letting it be attacked, even by someone attacking their own divine dignity. Our aid is at truth, not politics, not opinion, and as Catholics we believe that comes from tradition (I Timothy III verse XV). Our job is to spread the gospel and the truth, but we must realize that the church is pillar and foundation of this. Our basis must not be human rights, but human dignity, not kindness, but truth.

I invite my brothers at the Southern Cross to a new evangelism- how about next week publishing a justification of the Male celibate priesthood, and of the Vatican's choice to screen priests to end abuses more fully. Since when should catholics care about the "right" of gay people to be priests- no one has a right to be a priest- only the church has this right to appoint people. I truly am disappointed today.

South African Catholic

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