Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More anti-Catholic/anti-authoritarian/anti-christian/anti-religious media on DSTV

(Media Study South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Milla Jovovic, seems to enjoy anti-Christian roles in movies: just recently, I watched her in Ultraviolet  (Kurt Wimmer, who also directed Equillibrium: another film with anti-Christian imagery, where the worst man is "Father" (Pope means Father?): a dictator, and the enforcers of his evil are : "Clerics" (Priests?): where the cross is made to represent evil, in almost a comparison with Nazism ),  which despite the images of many language comics, of an apparent whole series: in front: is one ultra-violent film: not based on comic books, but seemingly on a "Screen Gems" video game.

Rather, Milla , a starring role actress from "Resident Evil" films, is pitted against an authoritarian government, which rules the world, from a Cross-like fortress: where the big bad man: is the Vice-Cardinal (Second highest office in the Roman Catholic church: is "Cardinal"), who actually lands up belonging to the Vampires, like Milla 's character, and not the humans: and plans to force a disease on mankind, so as to force mankind to take medicine, lining up periodically at the Cross fortress: after hoping to  cause the issue (any link to sacraments: and further: the fact he plans to cause such: to God is evil mentalities? Milla : of course prevents the biological attack), which never materializes; and where the symbol of a medical dictatorship is the Cross, which appears all the time. The female hero figure: fights in what: the "Moral Sciences" area of a cross shaped building: to save a clone from a "Megalomaniac": known as the Vice-Cardinal. She later gets into the laboritory, where she spills her blood on him, only to find he is already a Haemo (something).

She states: that killing the Vice-Cardinal: will likely get her into heaven.

 In another film, also screening on DSTV, this time on "Action X": in "The Messenger: Joan of Arc": Milla Jovovic : Joan of Arc is portrayed as a lying human hero, with the church as a whole, and perhaps God (the figure she talks to seems mean): as a bad guy, and Jean D'ark: "not" a saint. She is forced to wear pants: rather than the reality of Jean D'ark choosing to in order to rebuke her fearful (under duress of being burnt alive) rebuttal of her own visions: to wear pants again, something she had been told to do by God. The Evil bishop: is portrayed as representing the church: rather than the Englishmen: and a vision of Joan's (Milla 's): gives her priestly absolution.

Joan, again played by Milla : seemingly is contradictory, and tries to deny killing anyone in her conquests: a stark contrast to Catholic doctrine: which does not deny just slaying of enemies of right order, and further: a turning of a Christian martyr: into an anti-Christian one: where no real evidence is given. Her God figure: even blames her crusade against England: on Joan: calling it pride: as though God did not want anyone to kill evil people for him.

As to Equilibrium, I am unsure if I saw it on DSTV: it is not part of this report... only an addition on the director of Ultraviolet.

Recently: DSTV: on Mnet: played a cartoon based on the 1930's Tintin series: sharing the name: "Tintin and The Calculus Affair" (comic book was translated from the French: L'Affaire Tournesol). Interestingly: I saw part of the Tintin series: recently in Cresta's Exclusive books: Tintin, was a series of comic strip books.

So, why is it wrong for Mnet to play part of the Tintin series: based on the 20th century books: the answer lies in: Tintin in the Congo: based on the French language: Tintin au Congo.

 Tintin in the Congo is what some consider a historic treasure: so as to keep producing it (c.f. Borders: who such seems: produced it as it appeared in Britain); if it is a treasure: it is an odd and bigoted one: one, in which Tintin is in Africa: which portrays the genitically native to Africa section of humanity: as violent, stupid monkey like creatures: which decide they need a white man to rule them, and listen to the most unjust, stupid decisions by "Tintin", who looks like a small child. (.c.f. BBC World News (Secular) 12/07/2007;  Sky News Channel (Secular) 12/07/2008).

I personally think it distasteful to play such work, as one based on a Tintin cartoon, even if not the offending book.

Other movies which DSTV has shown: include: "Luther": a historically incorrect, and anti-Catholic retelling of the reformation, which invents scenes of Luther's "heroism": in front of a church, and turn him from a fat old theologian: to a mystic looking revolutionary: brushing over the mass murders against Catholics by his followers: and fictitiously showing him standing in front of a church protecting it: and also brushing over the fact he broke his vow of celibacy. Also airbrushed out: is that Luther is thought never to have gone to Rome: and had a legendary "Poo" (Excrement) fight with the Devil. Here, the famous figure: is reworked: canceling out any of the real story: and portraying Luther as a liberator from religious authority: rather than an Authoritarian himself. He is portrayed as viewing the pope at the time, as a demonic figure: something which Luther did believe: but no rational voice is voiced to contradict this view.

Also having screened on DSTV: is both advertisement style behind the scenes looks at the movie, and the actual film: "The Golden Compass" (Directed by: Chris Weitz; Starring Nicole Kidman, and Daniel Craig; based on the Northern lights (England: released as "Golden Compass": in America) Novel by: Philip Pullman (Atheist: who airs his opposition to religion in the trilogy); from the His Dark Materials: series of three books): based on the first book of a series: where God is an evil Tyrant: and the evil institution, which wants to harm the main character in her "world': is the Magisterium. Magisterium is a much used Catholic term for the teaching authority of the church. An invisible best friend of all people in the novels is their own unique "Daemon"(: Pronounced Demon).

We could go on for some time on the many such screenings on DSTV, including an episode of "Women's Murder Club" (where a witch gives out charms which loom like crosses, and has a picture of Pope John Paul II on the wall. She of course is implicated in a murder: in an episode: where a brunette lead; is spending time with her ex-husband: for a case), or much else. The ultimate point is that: either someone in the buying department needs replacing: or structures need to be build: in accordance with the legalities of South African law; or at least: this is a perception on gains from such.

Other movies, I did not enjoy watching on DSTV: include kingdom of Heaven: and also some movies about Islam: or involving Islamic characters: which neither I, nor I hope: Islamic people: enjoyed watching.

While I may not expect DSTV to monitor foreign satellite receptions, though they could place warnings on these, and rid themselves of repeatedly distasteful channels, I find it sad: that many such movies: are played on stations controlled by DSTV (Multichoice).

DSTV: yesterday: confirmed via an automatic system: a complaint about some content aired on the provider.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Authority of the bishop/ Merry Christmas

While we have reported on issues in South Africa, involving local bishops, and this is of not just one department: every citizen of the church is rightly bound to obey the just commands of bishops: nor does this mean there is always any recourse or purpose in such things: the bishop is given his authority, and that is just, and so: we must still love our bishops, even when we disagree with them. I truly hope that heresy, and pen rebellion against the Vatican will no longer be advertised by Priests in South Africa, and sold in Parishes without having to answer for their attacks on the Vatican, and the Pro-life movement: however: we are still rightly obligated to be at peace with our bishops, and to love them for their goodness. God bless, and merry Christmas: to our viewers, and our Bishops, and clergy in South Africa! And please pray for our brothers and sisters at the Southern Cross: to stop attacking Vatican Decisions, as is well documented overseas.

Marc Aupiais

Editor of South African Catholic,

and the Scripturelink group of sites!

Response of Cardinal Napier on certain abuses in South Africa; including anti-Vatican sentiments aired in the Southern Cross

Cardinal Napier was informed of a Priest who got his congregation to sing happy Birthday to a member of it, and got them to clap for success in a recent fund raiser: something directly condemned by Pope Benedict XVI: as meaning that all meaning of the mass is lost: the mass centering on the Eucharist:

"You are obviously French-speaking, and that is why some of the points that you make in your correspondence do not come across as clearly as they would need to. That is a problem that would best be overcome by first speaking to someone face to face and only then putting your thoughts to paper.
Regarding the issues that you raise, namely 1) cheering and clapping in the Church at Margate and 2) the orthodoxy of the Southern Cross’s editorial policy and practice.

1) Cheering and clapping in Church
The first thing to say is that anyone who attends Mass in St Peter’s Basilica in Rome, will know that it is quite common for the participants to cheer and applaud the Holy Father when he enters the Church for Mass, and that they do the same every time he mentions their country or nation in his message of greetings.
I had the good fortune to attend the African Synod held in St Peter’s in April-May 1994. The first thing that marked that Synod was the way in which Pope John Paul II accepted and even encouraged lively African style singing, which necessarily include ululating, cheering and clapping. I remember in particular that the choirs who sang at the opening and closing Masses used banjoes and drums among other instruments popular with African congregations.
The second element of good fortune that I attribute to the African Synod is proclamation of the principle of inculturation. Inculturation was introduced into Catholic thinking by Vatican II and was incorporated by the Holy Father in the post Synodal exhortation “Ecclesia in Africa”.
This important Church document sanctioned inculturation and then proceeded to spell out two criteria that were to be used to distinguish genuine from false inculturation. The first is “compatibility with the Gospel” and the second is “unity with the universal Church”.
So, the questions to be asked are: a) Is cheering and clapping incompatible with the Gospel? b) Does it break the unity of the particular Church with the universal Church?
I would say that in neither case does singing and clapping offend those two principles.
2) The orthodoxy of the Southern Cross
In this case I would argue that from time to time, and on given issues, editorial practice does not follow stated policy as closely as one would expect. At times there may be justifiable divergence of opinion, at other times it would seem that editorial independence is being given priority.
If you are a regular reader of the Southern Cross you will know that I have often expressed my concern at its anti-magisterial bias. I do not mean that it openly opposes Church teaching but like a nagging sore keeps on putting the world’s view rather than the Church’s. This is often done I would say rather by the choice of letter for publication rather than by direct editorial statements.
As you can see I am not a total fan of the Southern Cross, but I would not seek to shut it up. I would prefer to see ordinary Catholics take issue with its position by affirming their faith in letter that tell their faith stories. I am confident that these stories would reveal a reality that is very different from the reality which certain people are trying to present through the Southern Cross.
By the way, the parish of Margate is in the Diocese of Umzimkulu, and is in the capable hands of one of the best young priests in the country. He is very much in touch with me as Apostolic Administrator and together with the other members of the Presybterium of that Diocese is very involved in seeking way to ensure that the Mass is a lived experience of our faith in the Real Presence of Jesus Christ, which becomes actualized when we receive Holy Communion and carry over its effects into our daily life.

May I use this letter to offer you some advice, and I do so not to put you down, but to point you in the right direction, because I sense that you are genuinely concerned about your faith and the way your Church is living, teaching and passing it on.
“Try to be humble enough to see good in others, even when you don’t, or even can’t, agree with what you see them do or say”.
Why? Because it was the way Jesus interacted with the “sinners” of his time. It was the way he led them in great numbers to conversion them.
I am sure that a similarly humble, honest and compassionate approach will help you lead many more to conversion than your current approach, which falls more into the category of “hammering the heretics into orthodoxy.

With best wishes for a very Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year,

Cardinal Wilfrid Napier, OFM
Archbishop of Durban"
Email from the cardinal's office to a private individual: confirmed by our organization!

It was then pointed out that it was not the letters in the Southern Cross, which have been internationally condemned by the esteemed Trinity Communications, known for their connection, and the used of these by EWTN. No response was given.

While at time of publishing, no response was given, and while we have great respect for the Cardinal, we still are looking into what can be done on these issues, which we have got evidence of. We would like to remind our readers, that the bishops are the true heirs of the Apostles. Whether we agree or disagree: we cannot create animosity towards these men: only try the best we are able to obey our church, our pope first, and and then our bishops and others in line with Canon law. Much of what the Cardinal says is well said, and based on the experiences of a servant of the universal church. Perhaps, in future, something may be done, perhaps not.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Media Study SA: Advancement of Catholic Media in Technology area:Vatican chooses Google to search, and Scripturelink launches new search engines

(MEDIA STUDY SOUTH AFRICA; c.f. Lifesitenews 19/Dec/2008; Scripturelink Search Engine 22/12/2008 (Vatican II Search engine); 22/12/2008 (Vatican/ etc Bible search); 22/12/2008(Catechism Search); __/__/__; Caritas Internationalis (discovered and emailed to us by google) 21/Dec/2008)

Article by Marc Aupiais

One of the defining features of our founding site, the Scripturelink Search Engine: was our Google search for the Vatican. Fortunately, the Vatican has now joined the search engine race: using a custom Google search engine to search their site. This according to LifeSiteNews.

Our own service, has of its own initiative, also decided to upgrade our search services: extending existing, but relatively unknown services. Vatican II can now be searched from a unique page, in 9 or ten languages, depending how many languages the Vatican has translated documents into: with the advantage of being able to search each document separately.

Further, we now search the Vatican's choice of bible, on their site, and another authentic site in addition, for english: due to indexing issues, in four languages: English, Spanish, Latin, and Italian: with instructions on each: further: this search feature allows users to choose to search in one or all languages. Our Catechism, and Catechism Compendium engine mentioned below, also has this function: to search in the language you choose, out of those available.

We also now can search either the Catechism, or Catechism Compendium of the Catholic church, in all 13 languages in which one or the other are published on the Vatican site, in another new page, extending an existing small engine designed only to search the English version, then updated, and given a page on our site. We have also created Google gadgets for both our news headlines, as appearing on the sides of our sites, and a Google gadget of the Scripturelink Search engine (search for "South African Catholic" and scroll down).

Caritas Internationalis has also updated their website, unless we are picking up old Google alerts.

Basically, it seems, many Catholic sites, are advancing in technology. This is good. We do however need prayers when Google plans to transfer Pages sites into "sites", here, we may need to relaunch our entire scripturelink engine, and 15 other sites we have hosted with them: due to a lack of javascript in existing versions of "sites".

Basically, this is an issue where prayer is applicable. Radio Veritas, whom we have been in talks with, is also possibly one step closer to a license apart from their Satellite Television broadcast, again, prayers are needed: to place them on the radio waves in South Africa.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

South African Catholic is a nominee for an innovation award: how other services can also be submitted to awards, and reviews

((MEDIA STUDY SOUTH AFRICA)Promotion of New Media)

Informative article by Marc Aupiais

This is not the sort of article, any service gets into the habit of writing. It is something basic, and its only purpose is to help other services get a hand up. By such an article, one promotes other services, and gives advice to help others with their own services. It does not seem professional, but is something we only justify because such things can help promote the tide of Catholic new media!

As part of "See What We See", and for personal interest, we monitor what other people are saying about us. South African Catholic was submitted to an innovation award, we will link to this nomination, and also: in aid of promoting Catholic New Media: this article will show viewers how to submit their own services to this specific award, but also how to get their services rated.

The Nomination of our service is visible here:


To get your own site nominated, in this specific award, or a site you find beneficial, email:


Now, this is only one of many awards, and ratings services. Obviously, if one uses a blog with some services, such as blogger or st.blogs, one is automatically submitted to search engines: and we have enough sites linking to our own service to certainly keep afloat on the world wide web: but a good way for new sites to be noticed, is via awards, and by high ratings. Yes, word of mouth helps, but having strategic links is a way to get traffic to an engine. Also, when services allow one to add a website address, it can help: especially in chat services and other such things. If a diocese has the opportunity to place a link on their site, so often, this is where allot of traffic comes from. We have even been directed to heretical sites, having been linked from user generated parts of the Johannesburg Archdiocese web service. Not that such is a good thing, but it shows that placing links aids a service.

Another service, one we have found use in: both when we discover Catholic sites which break the ranks, and in the submission of our own content: is www.catholicculture.org/ .

Visit the link http://www.catholicculture.org/culture/reviews/ to ask for a review or see other sites. The adress of the URL where you ask for a review there is:


Be careful to keep your site faithful to the magisterium research everything. We often use the site of ours they reviewed: http://scripturelink.googlepages.com/search for fact checking: until you build your own engine for this: it could keep you from getting bad press from good sites: in fact, it would do allot for that. And good sites could well link to you. We ourselves may be interested in reviewing good upcoming sites.

It is here, where we were rated by the Catholic Culture for excellence in fidelity in one of our services:

One need only click onto their culture section, and their reviews, to not only browse brilliant and bad sites, but also, one may request a review of their own content. We, as in : our founding service: Scripturelink Search Engine: were given a high fidelity rating from this service.

Unfortunately, while some sites we have submitted to such things, have been acclaimed, or seen in a good light, often, one gets no reply: that does not mean that one should stop attempting to do good things, or stop submitting contents.

If you have a blog, or internet or other service, our news service is always interested to hear about it. We only are able, due to being informed, by readers of our services: to report on the issues covered in Tridentine South (And Southern) Africa, because subscribers to some of our services, or their information services: inform us of these, we can verify your facts easily, or see if they are wrong. Don't send us wrong information though. Larger, or better known services: often rely on others to gain good content, and more than that: are sometimes prepared to link to your content. We have never gone out requesting links to our services: but at the same time, we have asked for reviews.

A review, whether good or not, will help your own service grow. Many improvements to the Scripturelink Search engine, come after comments on flaws, our own service at South African Catholic, often is pleased by emails: showing us any errors, or discussing where we are not clear, or may leave work open to error.

Due to our expertise, one may subscribe to emails in google groups: also, facebook, and other new media services can help. Either way, every Catholic site, which has fidelity to truth, and the papacy: is a useful addition, if no other service is fulfilled, one's links to good sites are picked up, and make them more visible. More than this, when doing apologetics, an online address is something useful to give out.

We can also help set up such services, as part of our service. If you have a group of people you desire to email, we can link an address with your blog.

If you have a google sites, or other such site, to add our search engine is easy, simply search to south african catholic, and add the "http://scripturelink.googlepages.com/" selection which is listed as a search engine.

South African Catholic

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