Saturday, February 14, 2009

The loss of true seeking of knowledge at many Universities: for the sake of ideology

(Media Study South Africa )

Introduction by Marc Aupiais

The following is a brilliant posting:

by Sheila" who runs inforumblog.

It looks at the manner in which a true pursuit of knowledge in university has been sacrificed for "Enlightenment" philosophy, and for the sake of sweeping ideology, which she believes, has become a norm and has taken a path of not being questioned in universities.


On our Part

From our research on sources: While nine out of ten South Africans for instance appose abortion, those supporting it, generally have gone to South African schools, or universities, where they are taught another "perspective" on the issue: this includes teaching carreer students, and others.

In university, those who suggest radical or unpopular ideas, are often thought to be good at their job. Their real job lies not in opening minds, but in teaching skills: if their philosophy endangers this: should it not be discontinued? These are some of the questions Media Study South Africa desires to ask!

Inforumblog is brilliant at showing things we find of note!

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