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Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie

(Media Study South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

In accordance with Journalistic Ethics, I have a bias when it comes to Selena Gomez, and to Wizards of Waverly Place, she is my favourite Actress and Singer in the world, and it is one of my favourite shows in the world, yes, even University Students love it. Admittedly, as a Law student, I think I may be alone in liking it, among my colleagues.

The Wizards of Waverly Place series, while portraying teenage and other figures which are the opposite of role models, uses humour to teach western and family values, as well as to display humour. Sometimes, one may think it goes over the top, or that a character is portrayed too cruelly, or that a joke may be inappropriate (such as when Alex's Father thinks her group date is "So not a date", and is therefore not worried- it insinuates something!). Sometimes, this is the case, but in general the values instilled by the show, seem good, and the humour is continuous.

The movie does not seem to have the same subway station and house as the set of the series. It seems entirely different.

When at the holiday resort, Alex, steals the family wand and accidentally makes a spell, causing that her mother and father never met. The three kids/teens need to find a way to reverse the spell before they cease to exist. Personally, I see this as slightly pro-life, in that while not born, they are alive- it sort of links with how time really seems to be.

Obviously, when magic is in play, one must watch- real use of magic is the mortal sin of desiring such unjust power over others apart from God. In this Disney movie, however, magic does not follow any form that real "magic" does (I had to study about African "magic" in Customary Law, due to the Witchcraft Suppression Act), and Alex shows real selflessness when the punch comes to shove.

Main Characters:
The Russo's
Alex ( Selena Gomez)
Justin (David Henrie)

Max (Jake T Austin)
The father- Jerrie (David DeLuise)
The mother - (Maria Canals Barrera)

Alex's Friend

Harper (Jennnifer Stone)

I won't give the plot or its twist away, but I see no problem in letting your children watch this film, prima facie.

Problems extra-media:

Disney- don't buy their things

I love Disney, but I need not remind the regular readers, don't buy their merchandise, especially if you know where its made, and by whom, people in the Third World are still people, I know, I live in it. Also, remember, the Catholic League and others have boycotted Disney successfully, their portrayal of Catholics, and Christians, and religion, in some of their movies, and by some of their company authorities, as well as of the pro-life movement is not admirable.

Selena Gomez- a Role Model

We at Scripturelink, and I personally, think Main Actress Selena Gomez is an absolute Role Model, and a wonderful person, however, one must note that we don't agree with some of the charities she encourages [hopefully blissfully, and naively] that we support:

"Selena Gomez has recently supported unicef (mentioned below), and Raise Hope for the Congo, and her facebook page also suggests aid to other NGOs.

Raise Hope for the Congo, is owned by Center for American Progress, says its copyright, which is a little organization, whose head, according to a 2008 article by the Catholic League: John Podesta- is connected with pro-abortion Barack Obama, Center for American Progress is further: funded by George Soros- known for using his billions to promote abortion, especially via pro-abortion "Catholic" organizations, such as Catholics for Choice or Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good (according to the Catholic League for Civil and Religious Rights).

On Selena's Facebook is a group of Charities, she suggests people become involved in. If we said moving on, it either means that it is a grouping which is so general, its like promoting the internet, or because we could not find, prima facie: anything bad on the group, via a preliminary softly done web search. We did not do our extensive search on these, we simply looked for views of watchdog organizations, unlike with our research on the Raise Hope for the Congo Campaign, done months ago:

Selena's Facebook note:

"Here is a list of Non-Profit and Charity organizations that anyone of you can be a part of:

[Were reported as promoting third world abortion, and steralization of women in the third world in 2000, guess what- in 2009 tried the same thing with the dominican republic- I guess funding still gets raised, even if there's less people to help- must help their bottom line to get rid of us- the problem]

[at least she likes animals]

[moving on]

[moving on]

[Good or bad- only hire Christians (p.s. Us Catholics: are Christians, by their definition, yay!)]

[moving on]

[moving on]

[moving on]

[moving on]
[promotes abortion, according to Human Life International, and the American Life League]

[animal welfare group, unsure of positions]

[moving on]

[local offices, have different policies, American Life League, has previously raised concerns involving local offices and abortion, it is more like a franchise than anything!]

[ALL says that they signed a letter to George W Bush supporting use of stem cell research, of the kind which relies on embrionic stem cells harvested after aborting the fetus, or by invetro fertilization, and then abortion to gain these. Not only is use of adult stem cells more promising, and more effective, this sort of research is intrinsically evil by judging with Catholic beliefs and standards!]

[Supports Trick or Treat for Unicep- a program which in the past has funded steralization, and promoted abortion of third world folks!!!]

[Animal Welfare, moving on!]

[Canine companions for independence- its all in the name with this, I assume, nothing found: moving on!]

[circle of hope theraputic riding- again, just have the name, nothing bad found, moving on!]

[moving on- Selena is using it to auction off things to support Unicef]""

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