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Watching Selena Gomez, a Catholic actress- Celebrity Spotlight

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Article by Marc Aupiais

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Showing more than a little cleavage with a light blue bikini, Selena Marie Gomez goes to the beach in France on Friday. Certainly showing off more big assets than her smile, though just covering certain parts of her bosom. While quite revealing, the costume isn't risqué, in fact it looks like it is a bit small for her, and is uncomfortable, hence her putting on a shirt afterwards perhaps.

She recently tweeted that she could live in Paris, as it was so gorgeous, and is in France to shoot teen audience movie Monte Carlo. From appearing as a French maid in a music video, to her trademark short skirts, and the slightly racy pics on her website , Selena has always been on the edge on over the line, on what is too much for chastity. She informed left leaning Vanity Fair that she worships the magazine, and she is fascinated with fashion: especially of past eras. When asked if she would like to do a younger version of something like Sex and The City, she said that was not the direction she wants her acting to go in.

Wikipedia: so the picture may change!
Wikipedia: so the picture may change!
Wikipedia: so the picture may change!

When asked to play a role in High School Musical 3, she once again emphasized she wants to be a serious actor in turning down the role. In her Japanese album she looks Japanese, in the American, she is slightly more racy and edgy, in her European/South African album, she looks cute, and cuddly.

Selena is happy to tell her fans she made the cover of Sugar Magazine in Great Britain: saying: "Boys haven't always been nice to me", appearing among their other main articles: about a dad with breast implants and a so-called "sex change", whether to kiss a boy, and about a person has been seen naked by everyone they know. None the less, she seems proud of the publicity, or her website's web master is in any case!

Selena also took to twitter/facebook to thank fans for getting Unicef a contract with another organization, both of which allegedly use funding to promote abortion. Kiwanis, the group Unicef had won a contract with had a choice between several projects and had put it to an online poll: which Selena got her fans to use to insure Unicef got the business, she said that her fans could make a difference in a world, as proven by the contract gotten by Unicef. The project aims, with donations to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT).. Selena is Roman Catholic, she said in an interview with Scholastic kids news, when just newly famous. The Catholic church considers abortion always intrinsically evil. Selena's own position on abortion and other social issues, is an arcanum known by herself and few others if at all, especially after she stayed out of the recent USA election, saying she didn't know enough about politics, but involving herself in a voter education programme, to get young people to vote in a fake election, and educate them about issues. She did post a link to Dear Mr President: a song by Pink which attacked George W. Bush on his opposition to abortion, and legally recognised homosexual unions a.k.a. De Jure "Gay Marriage", as well as attacking him on poverty. Interestingly, the link was made during the Obama presidency, when Obama had yet to, and still is yet to fulfil his hefty campaign promises.

Selena's favourite band is Paramore (perhaps a pun on paramour: an illicit lover), and her favourite snack is pickles. She loves children and often puts them in her tweets or online videos, she claims she loves her job because she can make children laugh. She also says she doesn't want to take adult roles too quickly, going from Children's roles, to Teen roles, and then to roles for a more general audience. This is in stark contrast to Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Christina Agulara, and her contemporaries, Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgesons and infamous Miley Cyrus, who have all been churned into what they are after working for Disney.

Selena is world famous, and has over 2 million followers on twitter, and over 5 million on Facebook. She is best known for her roles in Hannah Montana as Makaila, Wizards of Waverly Place and Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie as Alex Russo, up-coming Monte Carlo, Disney strait-to-DVD: Another Cinderella Story, Barney, The Suite Life of Zac and Cody, where she had her first kiss playing a girl in love with Zac, and Princess Protection Program. Monte Carlo, where her character is mistaken for an heiress, and a million dollar necklace goes missing, is her first major step out of the Disney Family, as a Fox 2000 film.

Selena's new album's first single: Round and Round, has just been released, and Selena has told her fans of it on twitter and facebook, in it she is a spy, it ends with one of the spy hunters falling to their doom.

Selena has enjoyed much success in music and in acting, and her fashion line, Dream Out Loud is expected to do well.

Rumours about her attachment to any one man have never been conclusively proven, and she refuses to talk of her love life, she has previously said that she plans to wait until marriage to have sex, but does not want to obligate her fans to keep their virginity, or make a pledge via a chastity ring. She has said that she is half Mexican and half Italian genetically during an interview on being Latino, and that she was born in Grand Prairie, just outside Houston Texas in an interview when about 7 years of age, although her official sites say she was born in Houston, Texas.

She reportedly prays before every performance, and posted a video of herself and others praying before Wizards of Waverly Place, saying she does it before every show: she says they and their producers always pray, in the 2008 video. She is very active in charity, and is definitely a Texan born American actress, but says she is also influenced from growing up later in California. Her next album is expected to hold a old style Britney Spears vibe, says Selena, who was named after her namesake.

A wholesome image, at least as far as American standards are concerns has helped Selena greatly, and may be why she remains in the business, she has done advertising for Sears/K-Mart (Which previously was on a list of abortion provider Planned Parenthood sponsors), as well as for Bordon Milk. Her parents are divorced, and her mother is remarried, but she credits her strong friends and family with her ability to be as grounded as she is, and says that one need only have a few good friends. Her show, Wizards of Waverly Place, besides winning an Emmy is watched by persons of all ages: including adults and university students. Selena Gomez is one of my favourite actresses.

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