Mainstream providers of child centred content

Now, we certainly can't expect you to wade through everything to see what we talk of when mentioning major companies, and their whims, their connections, and their vile vile vile vices, when it comes to children's programming. My access to most mainstream providers is through monitoring that big corporate Multichoice, whose product DSTV (Digital Satellite Television) has a near monopoly in some markets, notably the South African Satellite Television market. Much of Africa is stuck with the same market. Often, any series we get is a number of series behind, meaning that my reviews may be outdated, and showing that I will surely value your expert opinion if a few series ahead.

Please note, I am writing very critically, not to insult any person or company, but to note what needs to be noted. A parent does need to understand risks first, this may not be comprehensive.

In the South African Market the major television providers who have children’s' content are SABC 1, ETV, Multichoice's MNET and DSTV. Within these are a number of programs or channels which specialize, notably: MNET KTV, DSTV: Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Boomerang, CBEEBEES, and an Afrikaans network; ETV's CRAZE, SABC 1's YOTV.

For now, this page will focus on DSTV Nickelodeon and Disney Channel; it may be updated further at a later date:

Disney Channel

Disney as a corporation

Disney is famous for taking Christian stories such as "The Little Mermaid", "Pocahontas", etc and turning them into either secular, or pagan themed story-lines, with truly "Mickey-mouse" values and values systems and production ensuing. Disney also takes radically anti-Catholic stories, like "The Hunchback of Notre dame", and turns them into mildly anti-Catholic stories. This is simply the Disney brand, not mentioning their many subsidiaries, or the involvement of Disney in politics, and the involvement of high ranking company staff of Disney in the past, in anti-Catholic, and pro-abortion comments.

And next time you buy Disney products, be sure to note where they are made, there have certainly been accusations about Disney.

The Disney Role Model, your child will follow on Twitter and Facebook

Disney has produced many terrible role models, from Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears, to Christina Aguilera (mouseketeers all), to "naked photos" Vanessa Hutchens, to "alleged to have taken the naked photos" Zac Effron, to "Vanity Fair" and "Underwear by boyfriend" Miley Cyrus, to "ultra-vulgar music videos" "Gossip Girl role playing" Hilary Duff, to that "sweet girl who plays Maddy on the sweet life, who sings about sex on MTV".

Of course, there is "surgery clean" Selena Gomez, who raises money for that wonderful organization: "abortion, and sterilization in the third world" Unicef: though it is unclear if she knows this, working ten hours a day, and loves her horror movies, and tells the public that she watches, and loves some very ultra-violent, explicit shows and movies (such as true blood) which inspire the wrong message if sex, lust and violence is wrong, and who can go on for a while about men with tattoos as very hot (on radio), etc. But who also used to wear a chastity ring, and does seem to believe in some degree of values, and God, and who dresses decently. Though there is that one pick of her on her album, in lingerie (though whether her look is wanton or edgy is a matter of debate), the music video as a French maid (based on a film where her character was treated as a maid, and done stylishly and tongue in cheek, but none the less with her dressed as a French maid, and knowing it), and the picture in her album cut off just above her cleavage (The image portrays vulnerability next to a vulnerable song, but is there), showing no clothing nor fortunately anything forbidden, just her face a shoulders bare in the picture... her organic clothing line is chaste and stylish. Overall, we think her a good role model for girls, and for boys (not to be like her, but to be human and good, and like her), with the exception of some movie, song and charity suggestions.

There are the Jonas brothers, Evangelical Christian sons of a pastor, who certainly follow a sort of lacking but noted Hollywood Christianity. One of the youths, already married young. None of them ashamed of wealth or the Hollywood lifestyle, it would seem. That said, their endorsement of chastity is admirable.

There is also Demi Lovato, with her dark look, and other traits. But she also opposes bullying in schools, and does show some effort at promoting charity of spirit, and individuality in girls. Without major scandals around her. Her involvement in the political process is not necessarily admirable though.

Perhaps that is inevitable in a country which allows child labour from a young age, in the movie industry.

Disney Channel Shows

Disney loves to promote magic in its shows, and movies, whatever the consequences of it to children, this should be noted, as with the Mickey Mouse view of morality and God often portrayed in Disney shows. Watching Disney comes with the popular American Hollywood culture, be it a positive look at fortune tellers, and astrology, or the fact that almost every Disney Channel series or movie, at least in the extended edition, will generally have at least one man or boy wearing one or more items of women's clothing. Disney girls must be independent and powerful, it is really rare to find a strong father figure in Disney, and most are laid back, and easily tricked, and self centred. Mother figures are either dead, or often out of touch with their children. Lying is portrayed as smart, or easy in Disney shows, and sayings such as "the family which prays together stays together", may be substituted with "the family which plays together stays together".

You might also note a few not so good angels or an afterlife more reflecting pagan beliefs than anything more modern in many Disney shows. Theft of property is often also portrayed positively in Disney, as with swindling the stupid out of what they want. Teachers are comical, and school is treated often quite negatively, with teachers treated as unintelligent in many cases. Swear words are substituted in Disney, you may hear: "For the love of", "Oh my gosh" (with the same timing as another similar phrase), "that's bunk", or other similar phrases sounding like "gobflabbit", the phrase is substituted, but the original may be found from it.

Disney promotes the popular culture in Hollywood America, quite often, other products produced by Disney under other names, certainly show "Disney" and "Disney Channel", as simply one branch of a giant company, which does not mind sexualizing society, nor much mind its impact.


Want to know of another product of the same parent group, turn the television onto the infamous MTV, or VH1. Nickelodeon, loves violence, with many violent cartoons and sick (violent) images portrayed between programs. Nickelodeon often portrays stylized worlds, and backward parents. The name of God is often used in vain by Characters, most notably in iCarly. In Unfabulous, Catholics are not portrayed very positively. In almost all Nickelodeon programs, lying is condoned. Parent, teacher, friend and bad guy beware, and if you don't look like you should have left the house today, a Nickelodeon child won't tell you, they will simply run away, so much for family communication.

Emily Robins, star of "The Elephant Princess", previously played a shameless slut in a soapy, a slut who was dumped out with the garbage in the end. She willingly gave up school for acting, and her twitter talks about how nice it is when her boyfriend is there, because he can change the lights.

Emma Roberts, of Unfabulous, plays an interesting role in recent release "Valentines' Day", where she doesn't have sex with her boyfriend, because it 'should just happen', after having planned to do so. She also plays in many other movies, which I shall not criticise for now.

The actor, who plays Josh in Drake and Josh, has an interesting role in a movie he took later, in which he sells drugs, and other things. The movie's portrayal of the character he there plays, has certainly gained the actor criticism from those valuing morality, and a need for role models.

South African Catholic

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